Local time 8.15 am

December 16, 2006

Just woke up and waiting for brekkie.

Walked to Central Park yesterday morning and it is absolutely beautiful there. It was only 3 or so blocks from my cousin’s place. I took lots of pictures and they turned out GREAT (like you didn’t know that already)! Will post them soon. Then later in the afternoon, we took the subway (which smells BAD) to Harold Square, Times Square and the Xmas Tree at Rockefeller Center. Beautiful lights, just like you see in the movie, I kid you not.

Two more days til I see Rob! I’m pretty sure I won’t blog as much when I’m there with have so many things planned!

Later today I’m heading to Liberty Park to see the Statue of Liberty and then Ground Zero. Should be very interesting for me, as I am doing international politics. 😀

I like New York city but I can’t see myself staying here long. Everything moves so fast, LOTS of people and very very busy. It’s It’s a great place to visit though.

On another note, the weather here is so dry that even after washing my hair, I still get dandruff. It drives me NUTS! My lips were chapping a lot when I got here but lots of Chapstick helped take care of that. xD

Time to watch some tv! Ciao~

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