January 20, 2007

Damn tulan (pissed).

My streamyx was down for 3 days. I called the customer care line 4 times (%$#@!) before a technician came today. Surprisingly though because it is a public holiday today. Every time I called I kept telling them to make a note there that I want a new modem because it got fried by the lightning but when the technician came he had NO IDEA he was suppose to bring one. Luckily he had a few in his van or I would’ve killed someone. I’d give you the details of EVERY call but I’m sure most of you know the kind of crap we have to go through when we make a complaint with TMNet.

By the way my laptop’s LAN port is dead thanks to good ole lightning so I had to run out to get a USB network connector. The thing was fine when I tried it at the shop but I don’t know why I’m so soi (unlucky) that when I tried it at uni’s library it didn’t work. Soooo, I went back to the shop the next day to exchange for another one. I also batted my eyelashes at the technician to test my LAN port, at no charge. Reason I’m so smugged about it is that I saw a list of charges and he charges like RM10 for hardware troubleshooting. =P

So now I have a new modem (after much impediment) I can at least research online.

Another reason to be tulan is that my proposal got partially rejected AGAIN (%$#@!). I am redoing the theoretical framework chapter AGAIN (%$#@!). I have to hand in by Monday so that supervisor can distribute to the rest of the Post Graduate committee to read before the presentation on Wednesday. Die die die.

I have been and am still working on it. Just taking a break before I become siaw (crazy). Head hurts and I feel my brain cells diminishing one by one.

Okay back to work. Wish me luck that I pass the presentation and FINALLY start writing the ACTUAL thesis and STOP re-doing the proposal!

I will update as soon as I can, perhaps after the presentation on Wednesday.

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