Post-Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2007

I just got back from the doctor’s. I’m down with a cold AND otitis AKA an ear infection. My nose congestion and ear aches are giving me headaches between the eyes and the back of my neck. Joy joy fun fun. Do you see the sarcasm oozing outta that one? 😛

I have to take antibiotics, amongst other pills, for the next 5 days. The doc said it’s a stronger antibiotic and I believe him because the pill is the biggest pill I’ve ever seen. It’s almost as wide as my pinky finger and three quarters of an inch long! The doctor visit cost RM55!

My Valentine’s Day was…I really don’t know what word would best describe it. Let’s just say the local florist screwed up which led to a series of unpleasant situations between us. But, all is well in the land of Roshinia. Today could’ve been better but I was feeling “floatie” and light-headed so I ended up taking a nap when it was time for us to talk.

Streamyx is down yet again. *SIGH* I’m getting really tired of their crap. It’s like every month I have to call in and make a complaint and every time I call, they say/do the same thing. It’s getting old really fast. I wonder when Jaring’s broadband internet will reach my area. Really want something more reliable and stable.

The meds are kicking in so I’m going to bed.

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