February 24, 2007

Sorry for the lack of posts this past week. I have been so utterly engrossed with the CNY celebrations, e.g. pigging out and collecting angpows. I must say though, that as we get older the quantities of angpow received decreases every year. So it is my theory that one’s age has high correlation with quantities of angpows received.

Anyway, I was sick all through the CNY but I can safely say that I’m recovered. Although occasionally, my ears kinda crackle a little.

I just got back from my uncle’s place where he had steamboat with a bunch of family from my dad’s side. I met my cousin from KL whom the last time I met just got married. Now she has 2 girls. I felt a little weirded out because another cousin (I think, there are so many from my dad’s side I really don’t know who is who) was constantly staring at me throughout the night. I don’t think I am perasan lah because this has happened in the past years.

Moving along…

I’m feeling fat (although I AM already fat) and bloated from the CNY food. The yummy cakes, and cookies and…oh I think I’m drooling. Went visiting for a few days. It’s nice to go out in groups and hang out with friends and be crazy. We took some crazy-ass pictures. Will post them up EVENTUALLY.

In the mean time, I’m off to the books. Been neglecting them for the past 2 weeks!!!


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