Panic attack

March 7, 2007

It’s 3 freaking a.m and I can’t sleep. (I’m sure the stomach cramps are “helping” with this *roll eyes*)

I turned off the lights to go to sleep at 1.30am and 10 minutes into that my heart started beating fast and my mind racing. Then it’s like *PANG* and I jumped out of bed when I couldn’t take it no more.

I’m aiming to hand in my thesis in September/October which means I have about six to seven months to go. It’s weird that I’m having a panic attack now. I’m wondering how I’ll be 2 months before having to hand it in. That will be interesting.

I suppose the panic attack is due to the fact that my proposal got rejected like 3 times and my presentation was a nightmare. I’m in the process of converting the proposal to a full blown chapter 1. It’s not easy especially when I keep getting mental blocks. Anyone know of any meditation techniques? Maybe I should take up yoga? Nah, I don’t think so. The whole flexibility thing is kinda freaky for me.

Or maybe it’s the fact I just need to vent and release some unwanted hyperness?

Blast it! I wish I had a on/off switch for my brain so I can tell it when to work and when not to.

Seeing as I wasted 20 minutes typing this, I might as well go try AGAIN to sleep.

Hopefully all will be better when I wake up.

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