March 9, 2007

I cut my pinky finger yesterday while helping my dog clean a cut on his paw. It looked reddish today so I soaked the wound with hydrogen peroxide as Rob had asked me too. It stung and the wound got all whitish. So, I texted him and told him that. Here’s a peek at our conversation when he came online today.

Shin : hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Rob : hi stingfinger
Shin :
Rob : your native american indian name is whitefinger
Shin : !!
Shin : wait
Shin : YOU are whitefinger [cos he’s white, ya know, caucasian]
Shin : i’m yellowfinger [cos I’m Chinese, ya know, yellow]
Shin :
Rob :
Rob : my fingers arent white… its like peach
Shin : ooooooo
Shin : peachiefinger..sounds so manly
Rob : !
Shin : this is blog worthy
Rob : glad i didnt say pink
Rob : BLEH
Shin : oooooo mr pinkpinky how macho

It just goes to show how silly and weird we are. And yes, I’m sarcastic

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