When is it enough?

March 20, 2007

I spent the weekend at Damai Beach. I’ll post up the pics soon. No nice sunset pictures though, it was a cloudy day. BLEH

So anyway, some things have been on my mind in the last few days…

If ALL your friends tell you that someone is bad news repeatedly (and you yourself realize there is a truth in that), would you listen? I definitely would! I believe my close friends would have my best interest at heart and won’t do anything to hurt me intentionally.

If you see one of your friends in such a situation what would you do? Say something right?

I, for one, am a person who will not sit and watch people I care about dig their own grave. I am outspoken. I am straightforward. If I see someone I care about doing something wrong, I will almost ALWAYS say something. Perhaps that is a personality flaw on my part.

However, it gets tiring when the things I say go in one ear and out the other. It gets exhausting repeating the same thing over and over and over again.

How do I help someone who doesn’t even help themselves? How do I care about someone who doesn’t even care about themselves? How do I save someone who doesn’t even try to save themselves? How do I talk to someone who doesn’t even listen?

I value my friendships, with people who are worth the value. Yes, I am picky about who I consider true friends. Maybe that makes me snobbish, or maybe that just makes me smart? There are lots of different people out there, some of which their main goal is to take advantage of anyone who is willing to be used in order to get what they want. Those kinds of people piss me off immensely.

To my friend…no matter what I say you won’t listen. When will you realize that while you’re so engrossed in protecting someone, you risk losing ALL your other friends? In the end, you have one person who doesn’t even care about your well being over your closest friends who care about you so much.

I will not say anything anymore. After all it is your life. It is time for me to back off. I have done my part. I can only hope and pray that one day you’ll realize your decision is wrong and that it won’t be too late to regret it.

I am done with this drama.

One response to “When is it enough?”

  1. Fionz says:

    All things had been done and said. Now I dont see a point to worry and concern for a person who do not appreciate it! Let us back to our old self…
    As I said “Life Is Short”, let us enjoy every moment of it…put all those bad things aside…
    Only God knows……..

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