I’m tired

March 25, 2007

I hate the feeling of sleeping 8 hours and waking up TIRED. The only reason I can think of to explain this would be how much I was dreaming. I remember running away from or after something. I just remember a lot of running. I think I was at the airport running the neverending run to catch my flight.

In dream analysis, I assume this means I am chasing some sort of a dream or something of that sort in reality. At this moment I would love more than anything to be catching a flight back to the States. I really miss it there. Most importantly, there is someone special waiting for me there. Oh how I wish to be in his arms right now. I love that sense of security when I’m in his arms. Okay, I’m so straying now…

Anyhooo, I suddenly had the urge to make some earrings last night so I unpacked my tools and crystal beads. I stared at the stuff for a whole 2 minutes but had no idea what color I want for an earring so I packed things back. How stupid was that???

I had a haircut yesterday. Had to get the ends trimmed as I was getting some split ends. Now my hair looks healthier *ahhhhs in relief* 😀 I’m gonna give Donny Hair Salon at Padungan some free publicity because the guy did a wonderful job and he was very very friendly. My haircut cost RM18 and I think it’s well worth it.

I will let you guys know something though. His assistants will straighten your hair before cutting it. I felt a bit DUH because when one of his assistants started straightening my hair, I was like “Ummm I just want a haircut”.

Assistant says “Yeah, I know…”

Me: ………Okay…..but you’re straightening my hair?

Assistant: Ummmm yeah…You don’t want to straighten?

Me: Ermmmm….ok…I didn’t know you straighten before getting a hair cut…is this something new? Is it better this way?

Assistant: *looks at me weirdly* Yeah…?

Me: *smile sheepishly* Okay then


That aside, I played badminton last night, as I have for the past 2 months (on and off) or so. Gone are those clubbing Saturday nights. Macamlah (As if) I club that much in the first place. I am SO contradicting myself. *roll eyes* Wait, can you roll your own eyes at yourself? Ermmm…I shall ponder that for the day…

Anyway I better get ready. Going out for dinner

Au revoir~!

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