April 5, 2007

Like any other day Rob and I talk about many things in our lives, e.g. what we did that day, what we ate, who we saw etc. Of course, we can never avoid talking about the weather. Being in Chicago during winter was like a weather shock for me considering most of us are used to the hot humid days of the Equator. Before I stepped foot in the States I was kinda worried about the weather being too cold for me to handle. However, as I experienced shopping in Chicago and how much easier it is for me to try on clothes there (I’m like a XXXXL here and L there), I learnt to take the cold weather in a different perspective. And so, here is how the conversation went yesterday about the weather…

[14:56] Rob: its almost 0c outside
[14:57] Rob: it was about 19c today… now almost 0
[14:57] Shin.: is it goin to snow?
[14:57] Shin.: i think you need a digital camera to take nice shots for me
[14:58] Rob: it might snow tomorrow
[14:58] Shin.: cool!
[14:58] Rob:
[14:58] Shin.: what?
[15:00] Rob: don’t want snow
[15:00] Rob: it’s april
[15:00] Shin.: but snow is pretty
[15:01] Rob: good good good, I like that attitude… thats a good mindset to have to live here
[15:02] Shin.:
[15:02] Shin.: you see, shopping is a good motivation as long as it’s not my money

We usually play games on MSN and one of our favorite games is Minesweeper Flags. I knew I could always kick Rob’s ass in the games but what happened yesterday was WAY beyond my imagination…

I’m the blue team, Rob’s the red team. Whoever gets 26 flags of their color first wins. When you hit a flag you get another turn until you miss, then it’s the opponent’s turn. If you guys played the game before you’d understand the significance of the picture above. All 26 flags are blue which mean they’re mine, which means I win. BUT I won 26 to Rob’s 0 flags. I got all the flags in one go. 😀

I’ve always wondered if that was possible and yesterday it was! I think Rob won’t play Minesweeper Flags with me EVER again. Heh Sorry baby.

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