So behind…

April 8, 2007

So I’m finally done with the food posts and I’m still contemplating whether I want to write about my 2 day trip in Atlanta where I (turbo) visited CNN Headquarters, Coke Headquarters, Olympic Park, Underground Atlanta etc. Feeling lazy…I’ll decide eventually.

I’m pretty behind about updates of my life as I have been tauting and tentalizing you guys on the wonderful scrumptous American food. I went to the PC fair yesterday and got a Canon laser printer for RM435 plus lots of free gifts including a mini red cooler (COOL! Pun intented), a laptop bag, a trolley and a Canon Pixma photo album. Originally it was RM449 but with the help of Kok Yu AKA Mr. Giggles who has some connections, we managed to get it down to RM435. It’s good to know people, but in this case it’s good to know someone who knows a lot of people! HAH! He also helped to drag/carry the printer. (Laser printers are kinda heavy). Thanks Kok Yu! 😀 *Update* Thanks to Fiona too for driving and helping to get more info! 😛

Seeing as I have been lazy and going out a lot, my thesis has taken a halt. :S

So, tomorrow I’m going to the library for a couple hours to read up and get more books. My following chapter will discuss on China’s political economic history post-Communist Revolution 1949. I think I have subconsciously decided not to post contents of my thesis here as it is totally unrelated on this blog. Heh I am hoping to finish the whole thing by late September, if not, October should be ok so that I can focus entirely on other important things. 😀

Oh yeah, my parents and I took a day trip to KL on Friday and spent the majority of the time at Genting Highlands. Gamble gamble gamble. HEH We won some money, that’s why I could get the printer. 😉 Took pictures but still feeling lazy to transfer them, resize them, and upload them. Yadda yadda yadda.

Oooo! Rob’s online now so I’m gonna kick his ass in games sign off now. Au revoir~~~

3 responses to “So behind…”

  1. Fionz says:

    Hey, I did contribute something oh… I help to drive and ask okay?
    WUAAHAHHAHAHAHA…u must include me in ur thank you list.

  2. Shin says:

    Hahahaha ok ok will include you in the list 😀

  3. Fionz says:

    Ha, ini baru betul ma….wakakak

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