G’day (like an Aussie)

April 17, 2007

For some reason, I have been feeling a bit OZ lately because I keep chanting “Oi oi oi oi!” to Rob when we play Jigsaw Too on MSN and he grabs the piece I was getting. I’d go “Oi! That’s my piece! You puzzle snatcher!”

I noticed on my counter that I get on average more than 30 hits with 6 first time visitors a day. One day last week I had almost 60 hits. That baffles me because I have no idea that many people read my blog. No doubt, the whole Asia Blog Awards nomination thing helped but seeing as I have not heard anything about voting, I shrugged it off a long time ago. Nontheless I still get some hits referred by the website.

I’m flattered that I have readers that come back for more but at the same time I wonder who my readers are (other than a few friends and Rob). So you guys, don’t be shy and leave me a comment lah and tell me who you are. I would love to know. 😀 (Quite hypocritical of me considering I RARELY leave comments on other people’s blogs.)

I’ve decided that the first chapter I handed in will be renamed to Introduction and that the much said of scrambling around doing Chapter 2 will be named Chapter 1. I figured a thesis needs an introduction chapter on its own before going into the real “meat” of the research. Or maybe I’ll maintain Chapter 1 and 2 as chapter 1 and 2 and create an Introduction chapter? Am I confusing you yet? Yes? Good, that makes the two of us. Hahahaha

Two days ago I was shopping for groceries at Choice Daily and while walking through the so-called juice section, I saw the juice of ALL juices! The packaging seemed awfully familiar so I grabbed it and read the labelling. It then hit me; It was the EXACT same juice I had while I was in Chicago! I was so excited! At the same time it made me miss Robbie because we shared a glass of THAT juice everyday while I was there. Wild Orchard’s Apple Raspberry Juice. It’s REALLY good! I love it. We (my parents and I) decided to buy it and it’s now sitting in the kitchen unopened because I can’t seem to bring myself to open it. I want to keep it for sentimental reasons as explained above. Man, I am SO mushy.

I’m currently blogging from a new laptop. Yes, I’ve had a new laptop for a while now but never thought to mention it on here. I got it before the Chinese New Year and I’m just starting to use it. It’s too pretty to be used! I’m scared of fading out the keyboard like I did with my older laptop but Rob put in a new set of keyboards on it so it looks brand new…the keyboard, not the laptop. My old laptop is OLD and worn out but parts under the covers are working great still with the minor upgrades Rob did on it. I’ve been using it since the first year of Uni. I even dropped it a few times. It’s so versatile! That’s why I love Compaq! This one I’m typing away on is a Compaq too…I am SO rambling, aren’t I??? I swear I didn’t have coffee or anything caffeinated today.

Okay, I’m gonna go back to the books.

Au revoir~~

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