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April 19, 2007

The meeting with the professor got rescheduled to this morning as oppose to yesterday evening. His exact words today were “This thesis is starting to look promising.” I was dancing in joy in my head.

Prior to the meeting, I talked to Rob a bit and he asked me “So are you on the new laptop or the old taptop?” Before I could respond “Huh? What taptop?”, he basically kinda “scolded” himself and said something to the extent of “What the heck am I saying, I’m going outta my mind. I meant to say laptop and said taptop instead” etc while I was giggling the entire time. Lame as it may be, I just thought it was funny and “blogworthy”. =P When I was done giggling I decided that my old laptop will now be called “taptop” and the new laptop will be “lappy”. I think Rob likes the idea.

So, I’m sure most of you know about the whole shooting incident at Virginia Tech that killed 32 people and the shooter shot himself when he was done rampaging. How convenient eh? Go out, kill people, get a kick outta it and then kill yourself and suffer no consequences other than the easy way out of death. He sent a tape of himself to NBC and said some things, e.g “You have vandalized my heart, raped my soul and torched my conscience.” Ummm HELLO??? What about what you just did (or going do to for that matter)??? Was that not vandalism at the extreme??? Did you not take people’s lives??? Tsk tsk tsk. What has this world come into? More and more people are getting the mentality of “You piss me off, I’ll kill you.” or “I don’t like you. I’ll wage war on you.” and you know who I’m referring to about the whole war thing. 😉

Rob said something that cracked me up about this whole incident. We were talking about how scarry it is and how I’m glad it didn’t happen near him because that would weird me out. Being a smartass, Rob says “Yeah, we have lots of weirdos here. We even import them.” (Again) I thought that was funny 😛

On another note, remember I mentioned about me having my own website? That website used to just forward to blogspot but now Rob has officially launched the website. Now Blogger publishes to both my blogspot address AND my personal website. This means I can customize my blog with real website content, and eventually I could add more web pages and link it all to my blog. With that said, you guys can access my blog through www.shin-yi.com. Update your links and favorites!

Oh yeah, I had the pleasure of eating a free lunch today, courtesy of Madam Wee, who (surprisingly) reads my blog on a regular basis. So, thanks Madam Wee! I look forward for the next time. *wink* KFC=Yum. =D

Pictures are transferred and I will be resizing them soon so check back for updates tomorrow or the day after. Til then, toodles~~

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