May 3, 2007

After 4 days my Streamyx works again. In previous posts, I didn’t go into detail as to how I deal with them but it has gotten worse and worse every time I make a complaint! This is the second time this (April 30th) month! Really wanna scream!!! (Yes I know it’s May now but I had an outage 1st April.) To quote Rob, “You started the month with no internet and you ended it with no internet. How fun is that?” No honey, it’s not fun at all. =P

Monday 8am
I call to complain. As always, I had to go through the “press 1 for english…press 2 for….” crap and when I finally got through I was in such a pissed off mood, I yelled at them. I said, “THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS MONTH. IF THIS IS THE KIND OF SERVICE I’M GETTING YOU CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION RIGHT NOW!!!” I really emphasized on the “NOW” which I think freaked out the lady on the other end of the phone. Sorry lah, I was really pissed. Being able to have access online is super important for me because of my long distance relationship. Also, I’m like addicted to the internet. I feel all weird and incomplete, like something is missing when I can’t just turn on my lappy/taptop and leave it online for hours and hours even though I’m not doing anything.

Some guy called me saying they have reset their ports and asked me to try to connect in 30 minutes. With that said, they will close the report because they are SO sure it’s going to work. I was happy! I tried 30 minutes later and did it work? NO, ABSOF***INGLUTELY NOT! So I gave them the benefit of doubt and thought I would try again after dinner.

Did it work after dinner? NO, ABSOF***INGLUTELY NOT! I called back and said “It’s not working, re-open the DAMN report!”

Tuesday – Public Holiday = no action

Wednesday – Public Holiday
Being public holidays, I really had not much hope that anyone would fix the problem but come 5pm yesterday I get a call from a customer service rep asking me if I still have the problem. WHAT?!?! OF COURSE I STILL HAVE THE PROBLEM!!!! DID YOU THINK IT WAS GOING TO FIX ITSELF?????? IDIOTS! “Ok, we’ll send someone over to have a look”, the rep said. I told them “You don’t need to send someone over, my phone line is FINE. Have someone check your local ports before even thinking about sending someone over.”

Thursday (today):
Bad day, will explain when I’m done ranting about this. Still can’t connect this morning. I think to myself “Should I call and raise hell with them? Should I or should I not?” I decided I would wait a few more hours and then call them. An hour ago I hear honking outside. It’s the TM technician. I roll my eyes and thought FINALLY but at the same time wondering whether them coming over would solve the problem or not.

The first words out of the technician’s mouth was “What’s wrong with your phone line?” I cannot explain in words how angry I was but I politely said “My phone line is fine, I just can’t connect to Streamyx.” Technician guys look at me confused and one of them said “Well since we’re here, I’ll test your phone line just in case.” Fine, I let them in and they checked with their big bright orange cellphone lookalike that resembles the cellphone HongKong gangsters use to smash peoples’ heads in the movies. So, they did their thing and found that the phone line was a little noisy so they reconnect and put in a new box. Oh so that probably fixed the problem you say? NO IT DID NOT. The problem wasn’t my phone line.

The technicians got annoyed and one of them said they were gonna help me fix it. He made some calls to the TM’s office (I think) and told them the problem. He past the phone to me and I got this question from a lady on the other side of the line, “So your line ok now? It’s fixed?” KNNCCB!!!!! I was pissed beyond words and raised my voice, “I NEVER had a problem with my phone line. THE PROBLEM IS I CANNOT CONNECT TO STREAMYX BECAUSE THE FRIGGING DSL LIGHT JUST BLINKS! It has ALWAYS been Streamyx, do NOT push this to a non-existent phone line problem!” I think the two technicians snickered a little because prior to the phone call the other technician mentioned that it was definitely some malfunction in the ports in the server rooms or something like that lah. He also added that they are only in-charge of fixing phone lines and stuff like that. Streamyx ports and servers have nothing to do with them but the worst thing of all is that the Streamyx technicians tend to push the problems to them before checking their servers and ports. Upon learning this fact, I must say I’m not surprised at all.

After more calls back and forth to where the God-knows-where servers/ports are, the technician got to talk to some guy and asked him to reset the port and isolate the port yadda yadda yadda which I didn’t quite all get. Less than 5 minutes later, we tried connecting. It didn’t work, he called again and repeated the same thing, asking them to do it right away. A minute later, I tried connecting again and FINALLY the DSL lights were stable. Something as simple as reseting the local port or isolating the port yadda yadda which took ONE PERSON less than a minute to do took them FIVE days to do????? What the hell! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASSES PEOPLE!!! STUPID INCOMPETENT PEOPLE!

As I’m typing this I have a call coming in from a KL number which I know is the customer service reps for Streamyx wanting to close the report. You know what? I’m not going to answer the call and make it any easier for them. Ring ring ring it goes. It has been ringing for over 5 minutes now. Wow, I just looked at my phone. Five calls from them. They are so desperate to close down the report.

I have more to rant about my bad day but I’m gonna save it for my next post. That’s enough ranting for today.

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