Ouch, my ankle.

May 13, 2007

Happy Mother’s Day! Had dinner with the family at the Thai Restaurant at Lok Thian. Yummy spicy food but I shall face the consequences tomorrow morning when I sit on the white throne, if you get my drift. 😉

Last night I played badminton again and I woke up with sore muscles. As if that wasn’t enough I smacked the floor with my ass and twisted my ankle. Now my ASS hurts too.

Allow me to elaborate.

I was minding my own business after lunch, walking in the house. I peeked outside and it seemed sunny. For some stupid reason, I thought I’d go outside and look at my mom’s orchids and maybe take a picture or two. As my right foot stepped out onto a mat the damn thing slipped and I fell on my ass. In that split second I somehow managed to twist my ankle. When I got up, I realized that it was WET underneath the mat. $#!!@#!#$”$#!!@#!#$@

Damn suay (unlucky) lah.

I noticed that there aren’t any pictures in quite a while. I have an explanation, really I do. Using the lappy more now, I don’t have my digital pictures on it. I have to go on the tappy in order to upload pics. I’m trying to get used to typing on the lappy as the keyboards arrangement is a little different. Another thing, my mom has somewhat taken my tappy hostage (though not completely) to play Cake Mania. She’s pretty much addicted I think. Mostly I just find it quite a hassle to move laptops around so much. Unplugged the lappy, plug in the tappy to blog, unplug the tappy, plug in the lappy to write my research.

Also another reason for the lack of pictures is the fact that I haven’t been camwhoring lately. It’s not as fun to camwhore by yourself as it is with a bunch of good friends.

Anyway, I’m gonna take some painkillers for my ankle. I need to sleep good because according to the Martha Stewart Show I watched on Friday, this week’s show will be the wedding week! I MUST WATCH. *shrugging eyebrows* I hope it’s gonna show tomororw. *cross fingers*

I promise to post some pictures for your eyes soon. Ciao!

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