May 30, 2007

Meet Pinkie, my new phone. Yes I’m starting to name my new gadgets, with Rob’s help of course. 😛

The Nokia N72 is not so common in the market. Even the Nokia Malaysia website doesn’t have any info on it. I had to go to Nokia Asia Pacific to find the specs. It has a 2 megapixel camera which is sufficient enough for me seeing as I already have a digital camera. Innitially I had wanted to get the Nokia 5300 but after discussing with Rob and my dad, I kinda decided it was a bit too childish for me in terms of color and style.

I’m still trying to familiarize myself with the buttons and functions. I have been a Samsung phone user for over 2 years so I need time to get used to Nokia again. My first Nokia was the 8250. So, as promised here are pictures of Pinkie…

Pinkie with a rubbery plastic cover on to prevent scratches

Without cover and you can see the screen protector is starting to peel off

I love the detail at the back

Isn’t it pretty? 😀

I keep forgetting that I have a camera phone now. I did have a NEC camera phone but the phone pack didn’t come with a memory card or USB cable so I don’t take pictures with it, plus the picture quality wasn’t good. So, like I said, I keep forgetting I have the ability to take pictures with my phone now and I still bring my digital camera out with me. Of course this phone can’t replace my beloved digital camera (which I think needs a name, any ideas anyone?).

Ok, back to the thesis. Ciao~

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