Poorer by RM33.98

June 28, 2007

I was unable to go online for 24 hours. Reason? TM screwed up, AGAIN.

Yesterday morning a bunch of technicians from TM came to “fix” the phone line for a neighbour’s house. The reason I know this is because the technicians asked my dad which house is 39B (my house is 39). Anyway, MY phone line got disconnected. There was no dialling tone for 24 hours, which meant not being able to connect to Streamyx or Jaring. My guess is that they “fixed” the wrong thing and cut off my phone line.

I wasn’t at all that worried because I thought since I have a cool-spanking new phone that has the capability to be used as a modem. I logged on and was so happy and proud that I could still go online. I messaged Rob telling him I’m online using Pinkie and was on for about 15-20 minutes. My last message to Rob was “I wonder how much this is going to cost” (which he didn’t even get!) and I got disconnected. Next thing I knew I got a message from DiGi telling my credit balance is ZERO. I had RM26.43 prior (yes I checked cause I wanted to know how much it would cost). How absurd!!! It gets worse….

I had a RM30 reload coupon at hand, did the whole reload and checked the balance…RM22.45! Another RM7.55 deducted!!!!!!!!!! In total RM33.98 got deducted for 15 minutes!!! I was so pissed I almost cried. *sigh*

I called up the customer careline and made a report. I ended up using the other phone line to connect to Jaring which was a pain because I had to connect multiple phone wires as one wasn’t long enough to reach my room. This morning a couple technicians came and fiddled around the phone lines and left. The phone line still didn’t work. Around 2pm they came back and mucked around more. By 4pm everything was up and running. The first words out of Rob’s mouth when he came online to talk was “Welcome back to the land of high-speed internet.” I rolled my eyes the second he was done saying that. He is SUCH a smartass. =P

So yeah, the next time you guys out there plan to use your phone as a modem…DON’T DO IT. At least not on your prepaid line because it really does suck the credit out of you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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