Hair removal Part 2: The Epilator

June 30, 2007

Got back from badminton an hour ago. I’m all showered and refresh. Problem is I’M SO FREAKING HUNGRY!!! At this point I think anything would look delicious to me. It’s almost midnight so eating anything heavy is out of the question for me. Somehow I have developed some sort of phobia on eating this late for fear of gaining weight. I know I said I’m happy with how I am in previous post but I rather not gain weight. It’s really not good for me.

Oh yes! I got an epilator. If you don’t know what it is, it’s actually a hair removal tool. Basically what it does is it YANKS OUT those pesky hair (be it on the legs, armpits, bikini line etc) at the root so it won’t grow back as fast or rough. Apply some cocoa butter lotion after it and it stays so smooth! It lasted me about 2 weeks. I really love it. The downside is that the first time I used it, it hurt! The leg process wasn’t so bad but the armpits was like OMIGOD! I was hopping around. If you practice pulling out hair with tweezers then using the epilator would be nothing. I never used tweezers before so it hurt! It makes waxing strips (which I have used) less painful.

The instructions for the epilator says you can use it for the bikini line and the thought of that makes me cringe. I mean, it hurt on the armpits for me, I just twitch and cringe at the thought of doing the bikini line. *CRINGE* Ouch! Just trying to imagine how much it would hurt, hurts!

I bought a Braun one if you guys are wondering. It’s priced around RM180 something at the Guardian pharmacy in Satok. I went searching for it in a few branches because they were out of stock. There were about 4 or 5 left when I bought it so I can’t say if they still have it or not. So if any of you guys are interested, go get it and let me know how well it works for you.

I wonder if Guardian or Braun are going to pay me for this advertisement. *hint*hint*hint*

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