How to know your other half thinks about you TOO much

July 13, 2007

I recently discovered that some of the cutesy-talk stuff Rob says to me, he also uses on his cat?! In fact, I busted him during a live chat the other day. I guess you could say we learn new things about each other everyday. So, we started talking about how much we influence each other, in terms of attitude, speaking etc.

This is what he told me:

“I almost don’t want to admit this, but I slipped up while talking to my mom. While you and I were talking one night, I went to get a glass of water. Mom wanted to ask me a question… so she went ‘Hey Robbie?’ [Yes, his mom calls him that too sometimes] and I answered ‘yes dear… uhhh… yeah mom’… then blushed badly as my mom smirked at me.”

“This other time I left my room to use the bathroom, my mom was in the hallway and just started talking to me about something and I didn’t understand, so without thinking I went ‘Hun, [short for honey] what the heck are you talking about?’, then got a blank look on my face. I tried to dash for the bathroom but before I could, mom grinned, smugged and said ‘thinking about someone Rob?’. I felt like such a dork!”

My reaction upon hearing that was

I laughed so hard so long I just couldn’t stop and as dangerous as it is to admit this, I snorted a few times too.

Needless to say Rob thinks about me “too” much (not that I’m gloating though :P) which I think is kinda funny and sweet at the same time. He is probably blushing red by now as he is reading this. I’m so gonna get it from him when we talk tomorrow. HEH

2 responses to “How to know your other half thinks about you TOO much”

  1. Robert says:

    I have no idea what you are talking about, I never ever use cutesy talk.

    Anyway, I gotta get going… I’ll talk to you later my wittle shinnie winnie pumpkin shnookie ookie shnuggle pie.

  2. Shin says:


    No cutesy talk huh? 😛

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