I miss…

July 15, 2007

Here I go all mushy and stuff.

Miss by Shin Yi

I miss…
looking into your eyes
stealing food from your plate
holding your hand
touching your face

I miss…
seeing you smile
hearing you laugh
hugging you tight
smooching you on the lips

I miss…
eating meals with you
playing footsy with you
being goofy with you
grocery shopping with you

It’s so late in the night
and I should sleep
But all I do is…

I miss…
I miss…
I miss…you.

2 responses to “I miss…”

  1. Robert says:

    You are such a sweetheart, I miss you too. I love you Shin Yi.

  2. Shin says:

    I love you too sugarplum honey bunch pumpkin sweetie pie

    HEH :>

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