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July 20, 2007

I’m sure you guys have noticed some changes on the blog layout. Now, in my defence Rob’s the one who’s been busy playing with the template. So don’t say I’ve time to play with HTML codes rather than blog. I’ve been wanting to have three columns on this blog for a long long time. He also signed me up for Google Adsense to get some moolah and moved some links around. He’s been really patient with trial and error on the HTML codes. If it were me I’d throw my hands up in the air then proceed to pulling my hair out. So thanks honey for sparing my hair (which you love). 😀

I really hope to finish up the chapter by the end of the week. I slept around 3am and woke up at 9am today. So far I’m still surviving with no coffee. I predict I may need some tonight if I want to stay up late again. The problem with me is that my brain tends to work a lot better when it’s dark outside. I have no idea why!

Anyway, Rob didn’t sleep so good last night.

Shin: I think you should take a nap
Rob: Why?
Shin: Cos you’re tired?
Rob: Yeah…
Shin: Right, so go take a nap.
Rob: Why can’t I just have tea?
Shin: ……
Rob: ……
Shin: *snicker*
Rob: ……
Shin: *laughs* That is SO bad
Rob: Whaaaaaaaaaat????
Shin: *laughs* Seriously, that is SO bad. You rather drink tea than nap…
Rob: It’s like my rocket fuel…
Shin: You’re a tea junkie, that’s all I can say. That is SO bad.

(Tea has caffeine too, like coffee. People drink coffee to stay awake, he drinks tea.)

Okay so the conversation was funnier for me when it happened…I don’t know why when I type it out it seems so lame. lol Oh well.

Oh yes, something interesting that my reader, mentioned to me which I failed to realize. Today’s date is 20.07.2007.

20072007? Get it?

I’m dull and boring today ok? All that’s in my head is China’s industrialization. Other than dead that, there’s just dark silence with the occasional cricket sounds. I’ll be more exciting next week k? 😀

Ok, back to the thesis.

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