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July 25, 2007

I know I’m late in posting but as always I have my reasons for procrastinating. I just emailed Chapter 3 to the supervisor earlier before dinner time. I feel a thousand pounds lighter. Yes FEEL not actually a thousand pounds lighter ok? (Like that’s EVER going to happen) 😛

Rob helped a lot with Chapter 3. I guess he couldn’t stand my constant whining about how hard/impossible it was to finish it. 😛 I can be quite dramatic when I want to sometimes.

But it was fun working with Rob on Chapter 3. We had some hilarious random conversations.

Example 1: A part of the chapter talks about SOEs which is short for state-owned enterprises and it was hard for me to grasp its concept, let along discuss it.

S: SOEs are a bitch to understand! (meaning SOEs are hard to understand)
R: *ever so enthusiastically* YEAH! Those SOEs are the SOBs (SOB = Son offa bitch)

Example 2: I asked Rob to wake me up this morning so I could continue my work on the chapter. So when he woke me up, the first thing I did was jump online and started working.

S: I think I just finished on SOEs
R: Cool! You’re the bomb baby!
S: HEH not right now i’m not…my face all oily and crap cos i forgot to wash my face. but I did brush my teeth see?
R: LOL Ok that was good

Example 3

S: My face is so oily you can stir fry vegetables with it
R: !!! *bursts out in laughter* That is SO bad!
S: Well, it’s true!
R: *laugh*
S: Ya know how they have bacon fat?
R: ….yeah…?
S: Well I’m shnnie fat, LITERALLY!
R: LOL Like shinnie grease?
S: *snicker* Yeah something like that. I’m definitely going to blog about all our conversations today.

Okay I’m going to relax and get some sleep. Yes I know it’s still early but I have a lot to catch up on. Been getting less than 6 hours or less for sleep in the last week.

Proper updates on Friday, if not tomorrow.

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