July 29, 2007

Just came back from a VERY short trip in KL-Genting Highlands. I’m super tired because I had shit for sleep last night. Had a hard time falling asleep and had to wake up at 3.30am this morning. I think I got like 3 hours of sleep, more or less.

I had wanted to blog about my short yet fun trip to KL-Genting Highlands with my parents but came back to NO DSL. Surprise surprise right? The thing is YESTERDAY morning up until 3 or so both phone lines in the house were DEAD. No dialling tone, NOTHING. No dialling tone= no internet access = no Robbie time = VERY grumpy Shin.

(Un)Fortunately the lines came back on by 3 or so when I got home from lunch. Now, the phone line for DSL is DEAD. I wouldn’t have thought the line would be dead today seeing as it was fine THIS MORNING when I woke up. So WTF are these people doing?

So AGAIN I called to report the faulty line. Went through the whole process of giving my contact number AGAIN. Seriously, I gave them the phone number and my name. Shouldn’t they already have my contact number stored in there??? I mean I’m such a loyal customer. I CALL ALMOST EVERY MONTH! HELL I CALLED LIKE FOUR TIMES THIS MONTH!!!

The worst part is when I told Mr-WTF-his-name-is my contact number, he repeated my number for confirmation to which I said was correct, he says “And this number is registered under Nurul?” I’m like “WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT????” WHO THE HELL IS NURUL??? Idiot! I repeated my number AGAIN and Mr-WTF FINALLY got his head out of his ASS and got the number correct. So I vented out my frustration to Mr-WTF-his name-is by saying “I have no idea what the hell is going on”, Mr-WTF sarcastically replied “Oh nothing the hell is going on Madam.” At that point I just wanted to hang up on him but resisted because I really need that report made. I did not get his name and I’m glad I didn’t because if I did get his name I’d be writing up a storm of a complaint to you-know-which-company which will make me more pissy which means people around me will have to put up with me more. (As if I’m not pissy enough right? HAH!)

GRRRR I’m so grumpy and annoyed and irritated and agitated and frustrated!

GRRRR I’m so tired!


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