August 3, 2007

Been having lots of problems with my phone line this past week that now when I see the telephone company’s van around I get all jittery that they will screw up my line. So I constantly watch out for them and if I see them I go check if my phone line is works. HAHAHA Pathetic right?

Just yesterday (or was it the day before? I don’t remember…ermmm yeah it should be yesterday I think. Oh God, now I have resorted to arguing in my head…GEEZ) my phone line suddenly went dead (for like the fourth time) and the words outta my mouth is “WTF”, and I ran downstairs and saw a couple technicians packing up to leave the box. It was raining so heavily but I ran outside anyway and waved and yelled at them. I said something like “WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DOING??? EVERYTIME YOU GO TO THAT BOX MY PHONE LINE DIES! STOP TOUCHING MY PHONE LINE!” The technicians gave me a “weirded out” look. 😛 I think I had a very scary face. I was ready for combat! I can be quite garang one (fierce).

It’s been raining a lot lately (how lame have I become to be talking about the weather?) and it’s oh-so-nice to wake up in the morning feeling the cool breeze from the window. The downside though is not getting my laundry dried. Oh well.

Kuching Food Festival is back in town. I will be heading over there tonight with my camera if it doesn’t rain. In the mean time, let me make you “lau nua” (salivate) with these pictures.

Yummy honey-glazed chicken wings at Jalan Song. YUM YUM

Damn I just made myself hungry and crave for those chicken wings.

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