August 9, 2007

I am the ultimate Sudoku champion of the Roshinia Cup. Earlier today I played against Rob and beat him 5 times. If you’re wondering how the heck to play against another person in Sudoku, check out the games section on MSN.

Rob was all aksyen (cocky) saying he was going to kick my ass in Sudoku today. When I won for the third time he still wanted more. I asked him “Are you SURE? You lost 3 times already!” Then he said something to the effect of “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Damn aksyen for someone who lost right? In the end he lost 5 games in a row and said he had enough. To that I said “If you can’t stand heat, get out of the kitchen!” I was so content with myself.

Speaking of Rob, I now call him Smelly. The reason is because…..

Yesterday morning, I get this long message from him saying:

“I’m so gross right now! I woke up, made poptarts, Chris [his friend] comes by ! His AC needs a charge. He also broke a sway bar. I can’t fix that. I go in all sweaty, work called, Steve [his boss] needs inside help. I work the oven, its hot today. I finally eat at work cuz an order cancelled. I just got home. I didnt bath or brush teeth yet today. I am GROSS! Oh, im gonna drive a couple hours saturday, Doug [another boss] out of town all week. More money more free food . Im stinky.

Now he subconsciously already knew what he was getting himself into by telling me all that stuff. I couldn’t help myself and called him as soon as I was done reading that message. We talk on the phone for a few minutes, all the while I was giving him a hard time for being stinky. After we hung up so he could go take a bath, we exchanged a few more messages…

S: It’s stinky man on the throne to the rescue! *swoosh*
R: Damnit shinnie!
R: You suck

(Twenty minutes later….)

S: HEH *sniff*sniff* hmmm I think you missed a spot honey
R: Take a huge sniff, I haven’t bathed yet .
S: OMG *THUD* [meaning fainted]
S: how come you haven’t bathe yet honey?
R: I had to move a couple things, then take bath. I’m in now. SPLASH!
S: LOL splash.

I know, I know. You don’t have to say it. We’re a bunch of 7 year olds. But you guys should know that by now. HEH

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