August 16, 2007

I have a book of 650 “luv questions” which Rob and I went through most of it a couple years ago when I bought it. We would take turns saying a number between 1 and 650, then I would flip to the question number and read it out. I think it’s fun to answer those questions because it gave us something to talk about. Questions like “Are you good with remembering names?” or “Are you superstitious?” will get us talking and sharing stories from our past experiences. Some questions are deeper, like “Are you an inner-directed or outer-directed person regarding your love life?” or “What is your own definition of true intimacy?” that would require a longer time and eloquency (on my part) to express myself.

Before Rob and I got together, he sent me like 95 questions to answer to understand each other even better. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like some kinda interview process to go through. LOL They were deep meaningful questions that kinda show who you really are through your answers. I was excited in getting my answers to Rob and at the same time excited over getting his answers. I was excited to see if we matched in terms of our views regarding relationships and whatnot. It took me almost a week to answer all those questions. Up until today I still have the questions and his answers. Allow me to share some of those questions:

#1 Would you ever lay in the grass side by side and try to find the same images in the clouds?

#2 If you love someone, how often should you say the words?

#3 How do you talk about the woman/man in your life, when you’re not with them?

#4 If you could watch your lover do something without them being aware of it, what would it be?

#5 When you say a little prayer for the one you love, what do you pray for?

#6 How old would you be, if you didnt know how old you were?

#7 Name one song to which you know every single word by heart… why are these lyrics so special to you?

#8 Whats your favorite type of kiss?

#9 What would you prescribe for someone who is incurably romantic?

#10 If you were going to wash your lovers hair, what scent shampoo would you use?

#11 Do you believe that for love to last, you must be both a best friend, and a lover? Which is more important, to be friends first, or lovers first?

#12 When you are away from your lover, how often do you wonder if they are thinking about you? What do you miss most when you are apart?

#13 Can you love and accept all sides of a lover, without a need to make them over?

#14 When you’re out for dinner, do you prefer to sit across the table from the one you are with, or sit side by side?

#15 What is your favorite room in the house?

#16 What color is passion, what color is love, and what color is intimacy?

#18 What is it about love that makes you afraid?

#19 When her hair has turned to silver, will you still call her/him sweetheart?

#20 Would you be more likely to be wishing on a star, at the end of a rainbow, or on a wishbone or in a wishing well? What would you wish for if we were holding hands?

#21 If you couldnt think of anything to say, but you wanted to say ‘I love you’ in a song, what song would you play?

#22 If you buy your lover a gift, does it take you 10 minutes or 2 hours?

#23 What is your favorite flavor of lips?

#24 If you were the seed, and she/he were the flower, what flower did you grow?

#25 What is the difference between liking your lover, and loving your lover?

#26 Is loves answer in your kiss or in your eyes?

#27 What is the difference between having sex, and making love?

#28 What is the greatest gift you have to offer a lover?

#29 Using 5 adjectives how would you describe yourself?

#30 What do you consider to be the seven greatest things in life?

#31 How often do you have to have things your way, with little or no compromise? What will you not compromise on?

#32 What is the meaning of your life?

#33 If you wanted to give someone a good laugh when they walk by your tombstone, what would it say?

#34 How do you want to be remembered?

#35 How many people do you want at your funeral when you pass away?

I know it’s quite a list of questions, I still have hundreds more. LOL Go ahead, try answering these questions with your partner. I was contemplating whether to post up my answers along with the questions or not but in the end I decided not to because it may affect your answers. The key points to answering these questions is to be open and discuss them however you want to. You never know what you’ll learn about your significant other. I know I learnt a lot about mine after discussing those questions.

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