Of snot and pimple

August 22, 2007

Yesterday I woke up dizzy and nauseous. I suspected it was something I ate but then again it could be stress. So I ended up not going to work and went back to bed for another couples hours.

Today I woke up and I got this message…

Rob: My nose is being bad, stuffed up. Sinuses sore. Bleh.

My reply…

Shin: Uh oh, Robbie is sick

And then we started messaging back and forth…

R: I’m not a sickie, bleh…. *sniffle sniffle*
S: Awwwww my poor Robbie is sickie. Tsk tsk tsk, off to bed you sick man!
R: Yes dear…. *shuffles feet*

Too adorable right? Well at least for me…so I decided to give him a call.

R: Hewwo
S: Hiiiiii sickie!
R: I am not sickie! *sniffles*sniffles*
S: Sure you’re not…it’s normal for you to have yellow blobs oozing outta your nostrils

*Silly talk that I can’t remember, probably us arguing about him being sick*

S: I think you should get some early sleep tonight
R: I’ll think about it
S: No, you gotta go to bed early. Come online earlier so you can go to bed earlier.
R: Nah I’m fine
S: Damn, my ploy to get you online earlier didn’t work!
R: !!!
R: Oh so never mind my health, you just wanted me to come on earlier.
S: I have to blog about this

*More silly talk that I can’t remember*

R: I have a pimple on my nose
S: Yeah, I can see it…
R: …..
S: You know that picture we took at the studio with you wearing the black shirt?
R: …yeah….
S: Yeah I picture a large red pimple on your nose in that picture
R: !!!
R: I swear I hear your horns growing
S: I gotta go, I gotta blog about this before I forget
R: Great you’re gonna blog about what’s IN my nose and what’s ON my nose.
S: Oooooooooo GOOD IDEA!
S: I love you honey, bye!

So there you have it, how I started my morning today.


I better get back to Chapter 4. Have a great rest of the week peeps!

P/S: This is not the long post I was talking about. Sorry, I’m still working on it. I promise it’ll be up this week!

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