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September 15, 2007

I’m almost done with Chapter 4. I think I can finish it this weekend. I’m getting kinda excited because I’m slowly getting it done. Two more chapters to go! But then that’ll only be the first draft and I predict I need to go through at least 3 drafts before final submission. That’s ok though because I would have had the meat of the whole thesis done. I would only need to do some touchups, that is IF the supervisor doesn’t straight up reject the whole thing. *cross fingers and toes (if you can :P)*

The thing that slowed me down on this chapter was the fact that I had to read back on SOEs because there is some relevance of SOEs in this chapter which talks about employment and labour mobility and markets etc. So yeah, it’s a bitch to understand.

On a totally different note, I killed a fly yesterday and I was damn proud too. The little bastard was flying in my room buzzing oh-so-happily….until I zapped it with my China-made-electric-racket-for-killing-mosquitoes. The thing was so huge that one zap wasn’t enough because it was still buzzing. I zapped it a couple more times and in my head thinking “MWAHAHAHAHAHA I AM GOING TO KILL YOU” and yes I did. The satisfaction is beyond words. Very sadistic/cruel/evil blablabla of me you say? Well, I don’t give a rat’s ass. =)

Anyyyyyyyway, Rob’s coming online in a minute so I better scurry on to Skype. Bye~

One response to “Back to SOEs”

  1. Robert says:

    Not again!!! Damn those SOEs… they are total SOBs

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