Two more to go

September 18, 2007

I woke up this morning with a pain in the neck, literally. Must’ve slept wrongly or something. BLEH

I’ve moved on to reading up for Chapter 5 now. No more breaks for me in between chapters because that really throws me off. I mean, I go crazy for two weeks or so trying to finish up a chapter and when I’m finally done and don’t have anything to do the next day I feel weird, like something is missing. Then a day or two later when I’m used to being lazy and not doing anything, I have a hard time getting back to the groove to work on the following chapter. I have no idea why I’m oh-so-complicated. *roll eyes* I annoy myself sometimes *sigh* Lol

After I wrote that post on friendship, I’ve pretty much subconsciously distanced myself from certain people and it seems that life is much more simple. I no longer place hope nor expectations on things. In other words, it means less frustration, anger, disappointment and resentment. Sometimes you just gotta realize that some things are not worth it. I like how I liberated I feel. =D

Seeing Numb3rs on tv is really tempting me to go on a DVD marathon again. I got some pirated tv shows to catch up on.

Well it’s kinda late. I should get some sleep and tomorrow; Chapter 5, here I come!

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