Happy Mooncake Festival!

September 25, 2007

It’s the Mooncake Festival here and pretty much all over the world where it’s celebrated. Looking out my window, I don’t see a full moon but oh well. I do see kids walking around with their battery-operated lanterns. Back in my days (DAMN just saying that makes me feel OLD) Flashing Reminiscing back, we only had paper lanterns and those battery-operated ones were not that common. Paper lanterns require candles to light them up and I can still remember getting my hands burnt from candle wax. Those were the good ol’ times.

I received a funny forwarded message from a friend of mine outstation. The message reads:

One day, Mr. Chee bought mooncakes and shared with all the staff. Then the boss came and asked, “Wah, nice cake. Who buy?” All the staff replied, “CHEE BUY LAH” Happy Mooncake Festival.

Yes it’s unoriginal, yes it has nothing to do with the Mooncake Festival but I found it funny. Needless to say I laughed upon reading that message and started forwarding it to some of my friends.

I was at the Mooncake Festival Fair thing at Carpenter Street last night and I took quite a lot of pictures. Haven’t transferred them yet as I’m now occupied with Chapter 5 (OMG CHAPTER 5!!!!!).

In Chapter 1 I was struggling over the theoretical framework, Chapter 2 was just plain mind-numbing history, Chapter 3 I was cursed with SOEs, Chapter 4 I was perplexed with GDPs and now in Chapter 5 I’m damned with FDIs. I forsee in Chapter 6 that I would pass out before I can finish.

We shall see.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love Mr Chee’s joke, it was hilarious, I laughed till I had tears in my eyes!!


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