Pleasantly plump

October 5, 2007

I was on a tangent earlier today…

S: *in singing mode* I’m fat fat fat fat fat fat fat
R: No you’re not honey
S: Oh yes I am lalalalalalala
R: Nah you’re not. You’re just pleasantly plump.
S: ……
R: *waits for response*
S: …..
R: ……
S: *huge grin* I knew I love you for a reason honey 😀
R: Lol I was getting a bit worried on how you would respond

*cue us both laughing like crazy*

Ok it may not be funny for you but it was funny at the time it happened.

It’s not something I do often but I tend to get a bug up my ass and start blabbering about big arms and tummy and whatnot. It’s a fact that I am overweight AKA fat in this oh-so-cruel world. But at the end of the day, I am happy with who I am. 😀

Chapter 5 is still in the works. The ambitious me is saying “Gotta hand it in next week” but I don’t think that is quite possible. My overall aim is to get Chapter 5 and 6 in before my birthday but not sure if I can do that either. Lots to read still so I’m gonna sign off now.

Have a wonderful weekend guys!

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