The verdict

October 18, 2007

I’m sure many of you out there are awaiting my verdict on the Freebra.

First, I would like to gladly announce that I didn’t damage the bra. No scratches, no dents, no tears, no nothing. So that means ANYONE can handle the bra.

Second, it felt weird to have something stick on your boobs like that. It sticks so good that when you peel it off, your nipples get pulled too. Seriously. I know that’s really blunt but you know I HAD to say it. LOL

Third, applying the bra on your boobs is quite a tricky task the first time. I suggest a few trial practices.

Okay, so my verdict is:

The bra works…to an extent.


Because (for me) since I’m fat horizontally challenged which means my boobs are bigger than normal I have a wider chest area, the bra doesn’t give me the needed “lift”. Now, I’m not saying it doesn’t totally work. It does lift, it does support but I personally feel it’s not enough because of my size. The bra covers half, if not less, of your boobs. It sticks to your skin really well and I seriously doubt “the jelly will drop off” as what Sharon was worrying over.

I really think this bra will work on those who are smaller, and I mean in terms of physical size, not just the size of your boobs. I feel that people who have bigger boobs a wider chest area will not get as much lift as they want…

You know what? Screw it. I’ll just be blunt about it.

If your boobs are in the bigger upper cup range, I personally don’t think it will give you the lift and support that a normal bra can give you.

If you are a A or B cup, the chances of it working is SO SO SO much higher. I say, go give it a try! I’m almost certain it will work and you’ll probably be wearing more slutty bare-back clothes or something like that.

My final say…






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I didn’t look this happy when I had the Freebra on leh. So sad. 🙁

P/S: This is MY experience with the bra. It is MY opinion of it. It doesn’t mean what I say is entirely accurate for others ok?

P/P/S: By the way, no offence to those who are overweight ok? We’re “gifted” people, if ya know what I mean. 😉



4 responses to “The verdict”

  1. Sharon says:

    hehe well i guess smaller bra cup size *ehem like moi* isn’t so bad at all 😛

  2. Shin says:

    Sharon, frankly I think A or B cup should definitely be no problem at all lah.

    Then again, the concept of big or small (boobs) is quite subjective. I mean I found out two days ago that they made bra cups up til J. Personally, THAT’S big. :S

  3. Cherie Morwena Voon Fen-Fung says:

    competing wid kenny sia ah.. he write about push up underwear u write about sticky bra. haha. then u got 2 take a b4 n after picture of urself in it!

  4. Shin says:

    I wrote about buying the bra earlier on lah. Then some people were asking me about the effectiveness so I blog about it lah.

    No need to compete with whoever lah. Just a coincidence.

    You want pictures? Sure, go take some of yourself and show me. Then I’ll show you mine. 😛

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