November 21, 2007

The wedding went smoothly, and I got the rest I needed. It was such a fun experience going through the whole process of preparing and living the actual day. Sure it was tiring but I have to say it was one of the best moments of my life to be able to share such a joyous day with my oldest and best friend.

So to Chung and Fiona,
May you have the best life together.

Fiona is Both are currently shopping honeymooning in KL. I hope they have a lot of fun there. It feels surreal now that it’s over. It feels like something is missing considering we spent a year or so preparing for that day. A few friends were a big help during the big day and before. I totally appreciate it. I thank you. You know who you are. As for the rest of you that I was PMSing over in the previous post, all I can say is when it comes your time, karma will come into place.

I took over 300 pictures that day and I’m still waiting for pictures from other people’s camera. I’m sure they took more than I did because I was busy helping. I uploaded the pics, just haven’t had the time to resize or Photoshop.

Anyway, I’m now going back into “nerd mode” to work on the thesis. It’s going to be a while until I post about the wedding cause it takes time to sort out through the pictures, plus I’m waiting to compile other pictures from other people as well.

Until then, keep smilling. 🙂

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