Bang bang bang

November 27, 2007

The house is undergoing some renovation.

This morning they (and I mean the contractors and workers) started pounding some 10-foot beams around the yard. The parents want to build an extra room which dear ol’ mom dubbed “the family room”. I’m pretty indifferent about this project.

The only problem I have with it is the loud noise coming from those orange tractor pounding beams into the ground and I’m saying it like that because it’s kinda sorta maybe late and I’m not that articulate so give me a break fullstop. *all in one breath*

To think, this project is gonna last at least a month, probably more. How am I going to cope with each bang on those beams causing some kinda thud in my head? If I go to the library I have horny biatches and imbeciles librarians and security personel to deal with. If I stay at home, it’s hard to concentrate with those thumping banging pounding sounds that are so hard on the ears. So, die die both ways lah…




Bed time, gotta work tomorrow.

One response to “Bang bang bang”

  1. Cherie Morwena Voon Fen-Fung says:

    work at night lar. ahahaha

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