Pimple face

January 8, 2008

I’m sure most Kuchingites are aware of the new mall in town – Boulevard (how original) and I’ve been to that place a handful of times since it was opened last year. The next mall I’m sure everyone is anticipating for is The Spring, which will open this Thursday. My mom has already mentioned that she wants to “go have a look” on that day and I’m kinda indifferent about it mainly because there will be a MASSIVE crowd. I went to Boulevard on the second day it was officially opened and it was so crowded! I never seen such a crowd in Kuching malls before.

I was guilty of parking my car by the roadside too



Like I said, big crowd

Anyway pimples are popping outta my face like nobody’s business. I suppose it’s due to the fact that I keep pressuring myself to finish the thesis as soon as possible. Allow me to shed some light on how bad the pimples are. My parents and I went to Sushi King for dinner and as I was eating a shrimp sushi my mom tells me “You’ve got rice below your lips”. I touched around the chin area and felt nothing of that sorts, until my finger grazed a HUGE-ASS pimple, to which I said “That’s a pimple!!!!” So cue my mom laughing at me. *sigh*

Renovation works are still in place and it doesn’t look like we’re gonna have the whole house done like planned before Chinese New Year. The new room would be done but the car porch extension and roofs won’t by the looks of it. We’ve been looking around for dining table sets and can’t seem to find THE perfect one yet. Oh well, the search continues…

Daniel Beddingfield’s “If you’re not the one” is playing and I get this pang of melancholy cause it makes me miss Rob and his bearhugs.

Arrghhh is there an off button for the brain?

2 responses to “Pimple face”

  1. Mom42cuteKids says:

    I am speechless, I did not Lau Ee is sooo SNEAKY!! LOL! BOLEH TAHAN!!
    btw, where are boulevard and spring mall located,boulevard mall looks like situated somewhere near Bintawa Area????
    I can just imagine the stupid security guard, I bet if you said you are one of the management employees, he would have believe you too.
    KUCHING BOLEH!! Can not wait to go back and shop there, indeed, there look like some malls in KL

  2. Shin says:

    Boulevard is located at 4th mile area. The Spring is just before the Immigration department at Simpang Tiga.

    Yeah, the security was a bit gong gong (dumb) lah.

    When are you coming back?

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