Post-the Spring

January 11, 2008

I had a fun time shopping with my two crazy friends on Thursday and the crowd was massive! I bought 2 pairs of shoes and 2 tops and ate at Sushi King (AGAIN) and spent all about RM100. Not too bad I’d say.


Buy 1 free 1 promotion – Unagi roll of sorts


California maki

Don’t know what this is called but its fried egg and crabcakes


My new favourite – fried salmon skin!


With my two partners-in-crime camwhoring


As we were about to leave the mall, we got stopped by a reporter with the Borneo Post and got our pictures taken. So, yes we were in the papers today. Not just the Borneo Post, but the Chinese newspaper See Hua Daily as well. It’s probably a translation from the one in the Borneo Post. It’s kinda weird to see myself in the paper, but at the same time I think it’s funny too. The article is even featured in the Borneo Post online but no picture of us.

See Hua Daily

The Borneo Post

I went again last night cause the parents wanted to check out the supermarket that sells a lot of imported stuff. When we left the carpark was INSANE. Cars were honking like crazy and there was this long line up until the exit/entrance. So we decided to get out of the car and walked around some more. By 9.30 we went to the car and there was STILL massive jam. I wondered if the security guards were sleeping on the job.

As we squished our way out of the parking spot and moved inch by inch forward for at least 15 minutes, we finally saw the security personel instructing cars to different exits. I soon found out there was 2 exits/entrances. I think there should be more signs and directions in the carpark but that’s just my two-cents worth.

Anyway, Rob’s coming online soon.

Time for some cyber-snuggles!

4 responses to “Post-the Spring”

  1. Cherie Morwena Voon Fen-Fung says:

    sim and chai shin yi are members of sushi king and target to be members of other stores.

    hahahaha now the whole town knows ur kiasu!

  2. Dr. Carolyn says:

    heh!!! kenapa no show show your kasut pictures???

    mana pergi si-little-pinkie tu?
    hahahahahaha!!! 😛

    you know why the shoe’s tight??
    look into it.. you’ll know why… hahahaha!!!!

  3. Shin says:

    Ermm forgot to take pictures of the shoes. Why is it tighter than the gold one? Tell me lah.

    It’s stored away already, so malas to take out and check.

  4. Dr. Carolyn says:

    I think arrr.. there’s a piece of dunno what’s that called cotton? polystyrene? I think you gotta take that out… then it’s not tight??

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