Pet peeves during the holidays

February 11, 2008

I’ve had a wonderful Chinese New Year break and it’s now back to daily routine. I have been pigging out so much, stuffing myself with all the sinful cakes and cookies and all the evil junk food. Mmmmm pineapple tarts and lapis cake. (Pictures will be up soon)

It was even more meaningful to have spent it laughing and chatting and gambling with great company of my close friends and family.

Nonetheless as with every festivity, I suppose it is unavoidable to come across things that people do that annoy the heck out of ya. Here are my pet peeves during this holiday season, in no particular order:-

  1. People who don’t use coasters. There are stacks on the table. It’s there for a reason. Please use them! It protects the table from moisture from cold drinks.
  2. People who are rude. When you go visiting, you greet the host and shake their hands. It’s common courtesy. You do the same as you leave too. You don’t just walk out looking as if I’m owing you money. No thank you, no nothing. If that’s the kind of attitude you’re gonna have, don’t go visiting.
  3. People who are late. When you tell the host you are coming at a specified time, be on time. Don’t make the host wait for you. Ten minutes is ok. Thirty minutes may be rude but it’s nothing compared to HOURS. This brings me to my next point.
  4. People who cancel last minute. So after making the host wait for you for hours, you decide not to show up. Food is prepared and not enough people are there to finish it. Is that polite? Is that considerate? Is that reasonable? No, it is not.
  5. People who are uninvited. Perhaps I should be more accepting during this holiday time and welcome anyone and everyone that comes knocking on my door. However if I were to hold on to this so-called principle during this time of year, wouldn’t I be welcoming any Tom, Dick and Harry into my home? Wouldn’t I be welcoming thieves/robbers, rapists, murderers into my home as well? I don’t know about you but I don’t think that’s wise. But then again, it is afterall my home. Why should I accept people who I despise that makes me sick to the stomach to see? If you as a guest want to bring your other companions with you, please do seek approval from the host first. You put the host in an awkward situation when you bring uninvited guests. Wow this is getting long-winded.
  6. People who want you to work. I have just gotten an email from the supervisor with comments on Chapter 3 requesting me to do corrections and ultimately of course wants it done ASAP. I’m still on holiday mood lah! BLEH

It baffles me that at this age, there are still people who lack the maturity, courtesy and social skills of everyday life. Technically point 6 is somewhat acceptable considering I have to finish the thesis as fast as I can.

It’s getting late. I need to get some sleep. Have not been sleeping much lately. Toodles~

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