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February 12, 2008

My dog is currently hospitalized at the veterinary clinic in town. Paying about RM150 a night, I am really unhappy with the service they provide. The staff are unhelpful and rude. One of the vets is an effing bitch of a spinster who hasn’t gotten any for a while, if not never at all.

I don’t know where to begin venting on this latest “drama” in my life but as of right now I am worried about my dog. He has tick fever, yes a very common disease for dogs and easily treated. But somehow his has developed into something more serious that he needs an IV drip, his liver function figure is abnormal and therefore needs to be hospitalized.

It was very disheartening to see him so aggresive, thinking he needs to fend for his life when we try to hold him down so that the vet can give him an injection or put in the IV. It’s very disheartening to see his urine really dark brown and his gums and eyes are yellowish, a case of jaundice caused by the tick fever. It’s very disheartening that my Leo, the very naughty dog that pokes your butt with his nose so weary and quiet. It’s even more disheartening that when all we want to do is help him get better, he thinks that we wanna hurt him and he nips my hand when I tried to pet him this morning after holding him down for the IV. He was confused, thinking I would hurt him.

As if all that wasn’t enough, bitch vet made it worse for me. Seeing my dog so stressed, growling and swinging, body slamming around the wall so he could escape me holding him down for the vet made me ask this question, “Is it easier if you used a tranquilizer?” I wasn’t rude, I wasn’t trying to be Miss-Smarty-Pants. It was just my common sense kicking into place thinking that it would be better not to stress the dog out more than it already is. Makes sense right?

But somehow offended or dissatisfied that I questioned her ability, the hag maliciously replies (in a raised voice), “That will worsen your dog’s condition…it will affect his internal organs…the liver, kidneys. It will worsen his liver and kidneys. But if you want I can do it. You want to do that?!?! I will give him tranquilizer if you want???” Fcuking bitch. If I knew that would I ask??? If I knew you think my dog would be admitted??? I would’ve just treated the dog myself. EFFING BITCH!!! GRRRRRR!

Shocked and speechless by the vet’s response I did what I had to and left right away. Seeing the dog like that made me sad, being talked to like that made me furious. I felt helpless and frustrated. I shed a few tears in the car, driving to work.

Adding to that, the staff there labels Leo unfriendly. They say he is hard to deal with. They called me this morning before I had to go to work to go hold down the dog so that they can give him treatment. Excuse me? Isn’t that YOUR job? I seriously thought that if you couldn’t handle a fierce dog, you sedate it then treat it? What if I’m not available at your liberty to come in and do YOUR job? Then you just don’t treat the dog and let him die because he’s, and I quote, “unfriendly” ???

At first money wasn’t an issue but now it is. Paying RM150 a day for this kinda service pisses me off. You’re getting paid RM150 a day to tell me to come and do your job??? You’re getting RM150 a day to be rude and yell at me??? You’re getting RM150 a day to make me wait 30 minutes to do your job???

It really pisses me off to no end that this is the kind of standard upheld by the veterinary clinic while people are getting charged a fortune for it!


I went to see Leo before dinner and brought him cheese. I managed to coax him into eating it this afternoon when I visited. It took me around an hour. So this time I brought him 2 pieces and he didn’t wanna take it from me. He didn’t touch his water or food, I think mainly cause he had the white cone thing around his neck and it’s hard to eat. After several tries, I let my mom try and he straight away took food from my mom’s palm. I think my dog doesn’t like me anymore. 🙁 He’s probably pissed at me for holding him down and letting the bad people at the vet hurt him. *sigh*

But he’s eating more which is a very good thing. He slurped water like crazy. That’s a sign of improvement. His eyes aren’t as yellowish as yesterday. I’m glad but at the same time a little sad that he doesn’t take food from me. I suppose he’ll learn to trust me again when he comes back home. Not sure when that is yet.

I know I keep going in circles but this is my therapy when Rob is not around for me to talk to. He’s in lala land right now dreaming of winning the lottery.

I’ve had a headache the whole day so I’m going to call it a night now. Have to wake up early and do someone else’s job at the vet tomorrow. Thank you for “listening”. Goodnight willing readers.

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  1. ee says:

    Shin, dun worry….I’m sure Leo will recover soon. Cheer up!! 🙂

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