Happy Valentine’s Day 2008

February 14, 2008

Leo is back home where he belongs and he seems to be doing better. I’m glad.

On the other hand, I had some bad food or something during the last 3 days or so and I am paying the price. I get stabbing pains and cramps in the abs, particularly on the left side and I’m also gassy which means I either burp a lot or it comes out the other end. Take your pick. I’ve been to the doctor’s and currently on medication for the next 5 days.

My food intake has decreased dramatically. I ate like a piece of chicken Tuesday night, and I don’t mean like a piece of KFC chicken. I mean like a small cut out piece of chicken. Food just doesn’t seem so attractive as of right now. I feel nauseous after a few bites here and there. Perhaps I’ll lose weight this way? Heh

Anyway, on to more happy things.


I had a wonderful surprise at work today. Being Valentine’s Day Rob has been sending me roses every year since 2003. It’s sorta like a tradition for us, even though we all know prices are psychotic during this time of year. However the last 2 Valentine’s have been kind of a drag for us because I end up getting unfreshed almost-dying red roses. So due to the stress we both endured last year (which I won’t go into further, perhaps some other time) during Valentine’s Day we agreed that we wouldn’t do roses this year, plus (again) prices are insane.

So knowing for sure nothing was going to happen and wasn’t hoping or expecting at all I just didn’t think much about today. My plan was to spend as much time as I can with Rob during this day. Not feeling well this morning, I finally decided that it was time to head to the doctor’s before work.

Rob told me to wait a bit, to see if I felt better later then decide whether to go to the doctor’s. It was kinda weird because he usually is the first to tell me to go to the doctor’s when I don’t feel well. I didn’t think much of it at all. Then I briefly mentioned that I may wanna skip work today if I don’t feel well enough after the doctor’s visit. He responded by pointing out how many hours I missed last week due to CNY holidays. Strange, I thought. He never really bothered much with how many hours I worked, especially when I don’t feel well. Again, I didn’t think much of it.

After the doctor’s visit I called Rob to tell him I was ok and that it was just bad food, he seemed a bit jumpy. I asked him if everything was ok and he said he wasn’t expecting my call. Apparently he was at the store looking for something pink for me for Valentine’s Day. He was sure he’ll get me something pink today. I was happy!

I get to work finally after taking 30 minutes to find a parking spot. It was just Jasmine and I as I had gotten a message from Carolyn letting me know that she was in a meeting nearby. I went about my routine stuff. Not fifteen minutes later a delivery guy comes in with a pink bouquet. I was like thinking “Oooo Jasmine’s flowers (cause it’s her birthday too today).” Then I realize there were 2 bouquets, the other one a mixed bouquet. So I thought excitedly “Ohh Carolyn is getting one too!!!”

The delivery guy then tells me it’s for a “Shin Yi” and I’m like huh????????? I look at Jasmine who was busy on the phone. Wait a minute, there’s a card….hey I know that handwriting. It was Carolyn’s! That siaw girl sent me roses for V-day?!?! That’s gotta be so expensive!!! Oh open the card!!! The card read:

Dear Shinnie,

I love you very much. Thank you for 5 wonderful years. Happy Valentine’s Day!

With love,

Your Robbie.

Wait, it said “Robbie”. Wait, he can’t…he couldn’t…he doesn’t know the office address..what is going on here???? I look at Jasmine who’s still busy on the phone, I look back at the bouquet, I look around…what the….what’s going on???

What do I do? I called Rob and first thing I said was “What did you do??????” He says “Ummm I didn’t do anything…” I go on and on about how there’s bouquet that’s for me signed by him in Carolyn’s handwriting. There was a moment of silence…and then he starts laughing!!!!

Two seconds later Carolyn jumps out from the back room and snaps a picture of me. And then it all made sense….

“YOU TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was all that could escaped my lips. Little did I know these two people have been plotting and scheming for a few days.

The bouquet


Camwhoring starts….



I got dooped face!



Three pink teddybears

Chocolates on the hand bouquet


It was quite hard to find pink roses during Valentine’s Day so it took Carolyn quite a while to finally locate them on Rob’s behalf. (If you don’t already know, I do love pink!) I’m so touched that they both went to all this trouble for me. I have to say I almost teared up at the office.

I know I’m getting way too wordy for such a fun post but I really wanted to pen down this great day. Please excuse any grammar or spelling errors as I am getting tired. Go read Rob’s and Carolyn’s post about today. Thank you very much to both of them.

I love you so much Robbie. You are the best thing in my life. Happy Valentine’s Day *kiss*

Time to rest.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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  1. Robert says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day honey, glad you had a nice day. *hug*

    I love you,


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