April 4, 2008

Rob and I occasionally play Yahoo! Games and have lately gotten back in the groove of kicking each other’s ass in Canasta. Yahoo! Games now requires user to key in a randomly generated code to prevent spammers from going into game rooms and advertising cheap viagra, penis enhancements, porn etc.

Frankly speaking I think it’s annoying to have to verify the codes because many of them are so hard to read and hence the possibility of having to key in a new verification code occurs a lot on my part.

So like any other day when I go play games with Rob, I reach this page…


It’s quite small so let me enlarge where your focus should be…


Imagine where my mind went upon seeing that verification code.

If you don’t see the obvious, don’t you think “wH4nK” looks like “WHANK”?

Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Let me quote something from urbandictionary.com.


1. Whank

A girl that is a whore and a skank at the same time.

“Bianca is such a whank!”

2. whank
. . . what a guy likes to do to his pud . . . usually to climax.

“Like . . . I whanked it and . . .. WOW . . . I saw STARS ! ! ! . . . AND . . . in a few minutes I can whank AGAIN!!”

In other words, it means masturbation…male masturbation.

What were the people at Yahoo! thinking, putting a note as such below…


And then asking users to verify ourselves with the code “wH4nK”.

Very serious indeed.

One response to “wH4nK”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wahahahaaaaa….. >_<

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