Perempuan Impian Malaysia

April 17, 2008

What better way to make myself feel better after a week of emotional rollercoaster than to bitch and complain about something?

Almost everyone is writing about the over-hyped first Malaysian online reality show; Malaysian Dreamgirl (MDG) or in my own Malay words; Perempuan Impian Malaysia (PIM) [Copyright 2008 ok!?!].

I have been wanting to blog about PIM since the first time I watched it but as you all know I am THAT much of a procrastinator. Am I addicted to the show? No, not at all. Do I like the show? Heck no. Do I think the show is any good? Errrr, I don’t think so. Why? Allow me to enlighten you.

My ultimate erk about the show is the name itself. It’s called Malaysian Dreamgirl, loosely translated as Perempuan Impian Malaysia. Now, had I not watch the show before my first impression on the show judging by its name would be a search for Malaysia’s Dreamgirl, as in a typical Malaysian girl competing to be every guy’s dreamgirl. I expected it to be more “The Bachelorette” like to be honest. Instead it’s about a bunch of girls getting judged if they are good enough to be models.

Yes, I’m sure most guys dream of dating models etc but not all models are beautiful, sweet, charming and likeable, all at the same time. Some models are too tall for some guys, some models are too bitchy for some guys, some models are too high-maintenance for some guys etc. Get my point? The title of the show is misleading in my humble opinion. If the producers’ main objective was to do a model search, why not just call it The Ultimate Malaysian Model Search or something corny like that. Or opt for something controvesially catchy and politically incorrect like Malaysian Bimbo Search. 😛

I didn’t like PIM the first time I watched it and so didn’t bother to follow the show. Seeing that I was going to write this bitching post, I took the liberty to watch the show again to be fair and to see if there were any improvements. Sadly, again I was reminded on why I never went back to watch it after the first time.

One. The way the show is produced and edited is rather disjointed. One minute someone is talking about another person, the next part some girl won some challenge and got a free portfolio done. Ummm hello? What challenge? And why the need to show the girls punchinig and kicking air for 2 minutes at the gym. OMG I thought I was braindead after one minute.

Two. Why the heck is there so much talking and yapping, especially with the girl and the fake accent (and you all know who I am talking about if you watch the show)??? I feel the need to fast forward all the yapping part (and I have) or bang my head on the desk hearing some of these girls speak (Refer point four). I rather see the girls in photoshoots, makeup, runways etc. And where is the argument about the stupid tometo-tomato that ended up with the infamous words PUKEEMAK? Where is the part where the 3 girls that won the challenge gone to the “once in a lifetime” go-see/modelling audition? As we Chinese say, no head no tail.

Three. Do I think any of the girls are model material? There is one though. She has the height, the body, the poise, the eloquence. Do I think she’s beautiful? Errr no, not really. She looks a bit scarey because she’s got that manly look lah. The rest are ok I suppose. I mean they are pretty/cute/beautiful/sexy/slutty etc in their “own” way but not what I personally would regard as model material. In the latest episode, note how everyone was so sad and hugging my pick when she was “almost eliminated” and the garang one was left alone. What a statement from the girls! (So mean of me to seek entertainment from others’ misfortune, I know lah)

Four. This show is broadcast on the internet which means everyone on this earth with a internet connection can watch it if they wish. Then, in order to appeal to international viewers as well, shouldn’t the participants speak English well enough to be understood? If I was an angmo and had to listen to a Ah Lian speak ermmm-mmm-Engrish or a garang (fierce) Malay girl speak Inggeris-tak-seberapa or some spoilt brat speak saya-very-the-manjalah-Manglish, why would I want to watch the show after 5 minutes of these girls talking rubbish (Refer point two)?

Five. The rest of the girls are like so gung ho against the popular blogger because she will get a lot of votes. So what? Shouldn’t you already know that, going into reality shows? There is always that “unfairness” in such a competition. Get over it lah. I’m sure the popular blogger had expected this kind of “reception” after posting about the girls in her blog. So game on girls. I do however feel that this blogger is not treated right, in the sense that she has the least exposure on the show. Her appearances often get cut, even in the latest show where the contestants were live on NTV7.

Six. I find the host a bit annoying. My reason why? I don’t have any really. Just hearing her speak make my ears want to bleed. Maybe it’s her hoarse voice? Or maybe it’s the fact that she’s only the host but rate the girls like she’s one of the judges. Even so, her opinions are always the same for every girl. Is it just me or does she tend to have better comments for the non-Chinese?

Seven. The judges. I don’t know about you but I don’t find the judges that eloquent other than the ex-Miss Malaysia. I guess asking a very popular Malaysian blogger to judge the show was a good move by the organizers as it would boost PIM’s popularity. The rest of the time I just notice the host talking like she’s the judge which, again annoys me (Please refer point six).

Bitching aside, one thing I have for the girls is the respect of joining such a show. If it were me (and let’s just pretend I can be in the show ok?) I would scream yell bitch and moan about everyone to everyone. Not to mention the clawing hair pulling catfights I would initiate. Heh but that’s just me lah. I wouldn’t have the guts nor the confidence.

I am no better than any of the girls nor do I think I have what it takes to be in the show. I mean, hello??? My body is indeed my temple and all that crap but seriously, this face, preggo-like tummy and flabby arms are not meant for the public. And don’t even get me started with my ASS. Thank you.

(Note that I have not mentioned any names. You guys will have to figure it out on your own, although I think it’s pretty obvious who is who.)

In the mean time, go vote for whoever you like if you wish (cause I think it’s a waste of money) and I hope your pick will win. Actually, I really couldn’t care less who wins. But I do hope the garang one doesn’t win. 😛

Yes I know I contradict myself very often.

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  1. ee says:

    Shin,I also watched the show. 101% agree your opinions. I really hate the personally comments session, said dislike who and who and then when in front of the gals, so friend with them. Very very fake…

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