Laptop down =(

April 27, 2008

The reason why I haven’t been blogging is that I have been busy backing up files on my laptop because I’m sending it in for repair. The wireless isn’t working.

Currently I am on my old laptop and it is driving me crazy. Why? It’s SO slow! Opening programs take ages, starting it up takes a lifetime. But I am glad I have a backup laptop. If not I would be suffering from internet withdrawal symptons. I just have to bear with it until I get my laptop back.

I got an email from HP one night, saying that my model is entitled to a service enhancement program because of some defective part on their part even though my laptop is way past the warranty period. I checked the model and serial number of laptops that are affected and mine was listed.

Reading through the symptons of problems I was glad that I was not experiencing them. Ironically the next day, wireless stopped working. Adding to that, my laptop had been locking up a lot the week before, so I decided to send it in. It is free, an extension of my warranty called a service enhancement program, at least that’s what HP says.

What bugs me though, is that when I called HP Malaysia to find out how I should go about sending in my laptop, the call center guy had no idea there was such a program. *sigh* HP really needs to update their employees, especially call center staff. Worse, this guy who I am pressuming is from India (where the call center is) was totally clueless. (Yes I know, I know. As if I am to condemn someone for being clueless :P) I had to spell my address because he had no idea how to spell Kuching or Sarawak, let alone what street. That’s how I came to the conclusion that he is in India…actually his strong Indian accent kinda gave it away. He answered the called by saying “Thankiu for colling HP. Tis is Raj speeking. How may I help yiu?” if you know what I mean.

But I am glad that HP is taking responsibily by admiting there is a defect somewhere in their manufacturing and fixing the problem for free, plus extending the warranty service. I knew I <3 HP for a good reason! Enough rambling. I’m kinda tired so I’ll stop here for now. Goodnight~

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