2 months to go

May 22, 2008

In exactly two months I will be in Rob’s arms, hugging him so tightly and not wanting to let go. As much as I would like to cling on to him for the remaining weeks of my visit there, it is impossible that I can/want to do that. I am not clinging on to him when he poops. 😛

I got confirmation on my travel dates yesterday and both Rob and I have been quite hyper and excited. We now have this chant that we do at the randomest (if there is such a word) time. It goes, “Shinnie’s coming to visit!” I swear it’s funny…at least for us. I know, we are a demented couple of nutjobs.

Finding a relatively cheap domestic flight to Chicago and back to Newark airport is a bitch. Not only are airfares a lot more expensive than a year ago, these airlines are charging for the second checked-in bag! What’s worse is that initially we thought going on American Airlines would be best in price and timing but now American Airlines is charging $15 for the FIRST checked bag and another $25 for the second one! Those money-sucking hounds!!! Other airlines make you do a stop and have a layover of about 2-3 hours. I hate waiting!!! So how now brown cow? *sigh*

I guess we just keep looking.

Oil prices have been increasing which means that petrol is getting more expensive in the States and pretty much everywhere in the world. We have talked about not doing the roadtrip that we planned though we both would really want to. Initially I have insisted on going on this roadtrip (the brat that I am) but after giving it some thought I realized that it really doesn’t matter where we go or what we do because as long as we’re together and enjoying each other’s company, that’s all that matters. I am keeping an open mind from now on.

I’m sending in my laptop back to HP tomorrow as the needed part has arrived. Let’s hope they don’t screw it up again this time. I’m crossing my fingers and toes.

Back to working on the thesis. (Wow, I actually wanna work on it voluntarily.)

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