High maintenance

June 2, 2008

Many random things for this post…

We had a couple units of air conditioners installed in the house today and they were drilling and whatnot, making it hard for me to focus on my work. So I messaged Rob…

S: so ummm i cant concentrate
R: I’ll give you a dollar if you lean out the window and spill some cheap perfume on the installer
S: a dollar? i’m not that cheap hmmmmphhhh *Looks away*
R: Its a dare bet honey, i didnt ask you to flash him
S: nope, i aint doing nothing for a buck hmmphhhhh *tosses hair*
R: Ok ok, a mcflurry
S: anything else?
R: 2 flurrys
S: 5 and you have a deal
S: am i too high maintenance for ya now honey?


A couple days ago I noticed an increase in my page views. I later on found out that I have been getting a lot of hits from an online forum site. Apparently, someone was interested in my shoe post a couple years ago. I also got some comments from the users that they are now reading my blog so a great big shoutout to the girls of paranting.net!! *waves*


Now that June is here, excitement is escalating with Rob and I. Yesterday he purchased the ticket from Newark Airport to O’hare Airport so you can imagine my excitement. You guys are probably sick and tired of me babbling over my trip but I really cannot help it. I get the feeling that June is just going to sweep by without me realising it. That’s good and bad. Good because I get to see Rob sooner, but bad because I get very stressed out to finish the thesis as much as I can.

Anyway all that’s left to do is book my hotel stay for a night at Newark before flying off to Chicago the next day. I will arrive in Newark Airport around 7pm and there aren’t any flights to Chicago after that so I have to take a flight the following day. It’s a bit spooky to be on my own for a night but I suppose that will be my little mini adventure. Heh

I have planned out my food menu for my first day in Chicago so it’ll be great. It consists of IHOP for breakfast, then off to Woodfield Mall to get Baskin Robbins’ Strawberry Cheesecake ice cream, and dinner at Chili’s with Molten Cake for dessert. 😀

Because of all the yummy food I will consume while I am there, I am in the midst of TRYING to lose weight before going over. I rather lose weight, and gain it back while I am there than coming back FATTER. Lol

It’s late, my bed is calling me. Will write soon.

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