Less than 6 weeks to go!

June 12, 2008

Today Rob bought the remaining domestic flight, which is the returning flights from O’hare to Newark. Prices finally came down to $149.50 including tax today as compared to $194 yesterday. We’re so glad. He also made reservations for my one night stay at Newark (if things work out we might get it for FREE!) and for the 4 weeks I’ll be staying at In Town Suites. We’re almost done with everything. All that’s left is a few nights near the Mall of America roadtrip and the first few nights when I first get to Chicago. I’m pretty sure we’ll be done with everything by the end of this week.

On a totally unrelated note, Streamyx SUCKS BIG TIME! I keep getting disconnected during the last 3 days. Calling customer support doesn’t seem to be helping much because as always they try to blame us users for whatever, asking us to check wires and settings and whatnot. ZZZZZZZZZ Technicians came today, fiddled here and there then left. They said they will send someone else over to change the phone wires entirely. I waited until 3pm and no one came. I called the local Telekom and got the cellphone number of the tech who was suppose to come. I then find out that he’s jam-packed today and won’t be coming today. Oh how nice of them to let me know. *roll eyes* He said he was gonna come over tomorrow morning but I’m going shoe shopping so SCREW THEM.

It’s ridiculous how they expect us to always be home for them EVERYTIME. What about those who are working? What? As long as no one’s home, they won’t fix their service? It really pisses me to no end that it’s pretty obvious the problem lies with them and their equipment, so why not fix their damn ports and whatnot instead of claiming we changed settings on the modem/dialer/whatever. A$$holes.

A few tips for Streamyx users if you don’t already know. I constantly call customer service when the connection is unstable i.e. pages load slow, frequent disconnection and ask them to reset the port. If they seem reluctant, be bitchy and loud. They will reset the port eventually. Oh, if they ask you to unplug and replug the modem or wires, tell them you already have and do not need to go through this ridiculous step EVERYTIME and stop treating customers like they are stupid. Threaten to cancel subscription or talk to their supervisor or email the director/CEO etc and your problem gets fixed faster, like first thing the next morning if you call at night. This is from my personal experience.

So like I said, I’m going shoe shopping tomorrow so I better get some things done (I’m still waiting for my nails to dry) and get my “beauty” sleep. Goodnight!

2 responses to “Less than 6 weeks to go!”

  1. Eryn says:

    Wah. Shiok hor? I wanna go too! =P

  2. Shin says:

    Yeah I get to spend time with Rob. Of course damn syiok!

    You go lah, but you tanggung sendiri ya? 😛

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