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June 20, 2008

I got a free hotel room for one night near Newark Airport! WOOOHOOO! I am SO good! Yes I’m very VERY VERY freaking proud of myself. So what did I do to deserve a free room?

Rob suggested I stay at Howard Johnson for my one night layover and me not knowing what’s good or not I was pretty much leaving it up to him. Anyway, he was about to book me a night through and I curiously wanted to know more about Howard Johnson so I went to their website to see what it’s all about.

While I was reading I heard Rob talking to himself through the process of booking me a room and he mentioned how much it was going to cost. I checked how much it would cost to get a room directly from Howard Johnson’s website and to my surprised they charged MORE. Strange I thought. I would think if customers buy directly from you, they would get the best rate right?

I continued browsing the site and came across a banner saying “Best rate guaranteed or it’s free”. I read it out to Rob and he was like “Huh??” We couldn’t believe it, there HAS to be a catch. After much deliberation and persuasion from my end, Rob called Howard Johnson to make a “reservation”. Thirty minutes later, he emails Howard Johnson making a claim for the free room because he “found” a better rate at “after” making reservations.

And then the next morning he got an email saying they are giving him a FREE ROOM! How easy was that?!?! All we had to do was try and it worked! 😀 We just saved over US$100 so that means more shopping money for me. I can’t wait!

So here’s my tip. When you book hotel rooms online, make sure to check different sources. is a pretty good site and always always checked at the hotel’s website before purchasing anything. You never know what kinda deal you’ll get. 😀

Oh yeah, on a totally related note, about 4 more weeks to go!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!! Ok, I feel better getting that outta my system.

Needless to say I am scrambling trying to lose weight and dieting like crazy. I made steam fish for dinner tonight. The result wasn’t bad at all considering it was my FIRST try. Will post up pictures later. I haven’t tasted anything artificially sweet in over two weeks! I miss coffee, I miss cakes, I miss ice cream! I miss chicken skin!!! Even the ad on tv about KFC is making me hungry.

Alrighty, back to reality.

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