I got heard!

July 6, 2008

After my last post about MFM I decided to email them and make a complaint. Within a couple hours I received an email from one of their representatives, offering me RM50 in gift certificates. I was initially impressed but after giving it some thought and talking to Rob, we realized that the RM50 could not even cover my meal there with the parents.

But I was already impressed that they even bothered to contact me back. I mean, when it comes to the service industry in Malaysia, the standard is certainly not there yet, so I wasn’t expecting anybody to respond to me, and so quickly at that. Nonetheless, I emailed this representative back saying I should accept the apology even though it hardly covers half the cost, plus I’m pretty sure my dad wouldn’t wanna go back there ever again.

Again I was surprised by a better offer. This guy offered me a complimentary meal with my parents at any MFM of my choice in Kuching. I certainly am NOT going back to the one at Boulevard. Now I have to convinced my dad to go and set a time and let this guy know. He said he will arrange the rest for me (how nice!). He also assured me that my next experience dining at MFM will be a lot better. I have to give him two thumbs up.

Once I arranged everything and dine in at MFM, I will blog about it and give you the whole scoop. Til then, TWO MORE WEEKS!

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