I miss

September 24, 2008

*Emo post ahead. You have been warned.*

It’s been a month since I’ve been home and I still miss you like crazy. In fact, it seems like I miss you more and more everyday.

I miss…
seeing that sparkle in your eyes when you laugh,
waking up in the morning and seeing you next to me,
hearing your snores now and then,
your “somersault” flips while you sleep that end up waking me,
your smugs when you say something sarcastic,
looking at you when we talk,
going grocery shopping with you,
watching you when you don’t realize it
walking next to you,
holding your hand
sharing food with you
feeding you french fries while you drive
hugging and kissing you
snuggling and cuddling you
playing with your hair
tickling you
your smile

Most of all I miss being able to love you next to me.

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I miss you Robbie.

P/S: Campak Leong, I’m working on the roadtrip post. Be patient 😛

3 responses to “I miss”

  1. Sharon says:

    how cute and sweet 🙂
    i know exactly how it feels 🙂

  2. Shin says:

    Yeah, it sucks being far away from each other. The “wonders” of a long-distance relationship.

    But hey, I know one day we will be together forever. *mushy*mushy*mushy*

  3. Fionz says:

    I think its normal to be mushy lah. who dont??? LOL

    No worries, u guys can do it soon! ;D

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