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October 10, 2008

Taking a break from my travel posts. Many random things…

First, I need to vent out some frustration. Earlier today I was so proud of myself for wanting to resume my blogging duties. *glares at Carolyn*

So I was editing pictures and came to a total of 48 pictures for my next post. It’s about the aquarium in MOA. I uploaded them to my Photobucket and one by one copied and pasted EACH html code for the photos. Fourty-eight times ok? Then I had to resize the pictures to fit in my template, one by one but that wasn’t hard at all. It was the switching from one page to another to copy and paste the html codes that was hard work. FOURTY EIGHT TIMES I HAD TO DO IT!


Anyway, when I was done with the pictures, again I was so proud of myself for having such great patience with it lah. I wrote some text and essentially I was done. Then I have no idea WHY but thinking it was a good idea at the time, I clicked the spell check button on Blogger. Guess what happened?

ALL MY PICTURES WERE GONE!!!!!!! !#^#!&#*@$!!#%!$!@#&#%(#*@

What was left was the URL for the pictures. My html codes for all the pictures….GONE!!!!!

My copying-pasting 48 html codes FLUSHED (!!!!!!!!) down the toilet and joining its fellow useless CRAP.

So what did I do? I went back into Photobucket and copied pasted the codes all over AGAIN. By picture number 30 I realized that I could’ve fixed the problem by pasting a different code in HTML mode that was supposedly “spoiled” by the spell check. *sigh* I am such a doofus sometimes.

In essense, I copied and pasted html codes 76 times today.

I guess it was God’s way of saying “KNOCK IT OFF!!!! GO WORK ON YOUR THESIS!”

Worked on the thesis I did, after of course getting my pictures back. Thanks for that “little” push” God. *looks up*


I have so many things to do lah.

I haven’t even unpacked totally from my trip (So much for taking a break from my travel posts). Don’t get me wrong I have unpacked the neccessities and washed the dirty clothes. It’s the new stuff I haven’t unpacked, as in the clothes, shoes, bras, underwear etc. There’re in two luggage bags, sitting downstairs in the corner of the dining room. *sheepish grin* I’m glad mom hasn’t nagged me about those yet. I suppose she understands the lack of space in my little room.

Oh speaking of mom, I found out a couple days ago that October 7th was my parents’ wedding anniversary. They have been married 29 years. When my mom brought it up during dinner, my dad was oblivious. His response was “Really? It’s today? How many years has it been? Really? 29 years?” and then continued eating his beef noodles. We never really celebrated their wedding anniversaries so we just kinda shrugged it off like no big deal. I wished them happy anniversary and that was the end of it.

The more I think about it, the more it IS a big deal. Twenty nine years isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Being married and seeing each other almost everyday for the last 29 years. They fight like cat and dog at times but they are still together until today. Twenty nine years. In a world where failed marriages are so common, I am glad and certainly proud that my parents are still together and love each other, even though they do not profess it, at least not in front of me.

I hope to have the same long marriage, if not more. I look forward to building a life together with Rob one day. It’s a shame that there are people out there who see marriage as an end to their life, as in their single free life. I don’t see marriage as an end to anything. I don’t see marriage as something that ties you to someone. I don’t see marriage as something that guarantees you “company” as you get older. I see marriage as a starting point of the next chapter in life, corny as it may sound. Marriage is another symbol of love for each other and wanting to make it forever.

Hmmm do I hear complaints of me getting too mushy already?

I guess for some people when they see their significant other at a daily basis they tend to take things for granted. Or maybe they just haven’t found the right one yet. Oh well, everyone has a different mindset to things.

It’s about 10 now so I should stop my random mushiness and continue to “beef” up my thesis. It’s got to be “perfect”!

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