Happy Halloween

October 30, 2008

Short update from yours truly.

Tomorrow is Halloween, the ang mo version of the Chinese “Hungry Ghost” festival/month, you get my drift lah. And what do these angmo go out and do? They wear costumes and knock door to door asking for candy. Hmmm the Cina version is to stay IN the house, AWAY from all the roaming spirits. So what does that say about the angmo’s? Yes, they are insane. I’m just being a smartass, don’t take me seriously. (Hi honey )

Speaking of the honey, Rob has a new blog up. Yeah I know, like he updates the one his has now often enough right? Well this new blog has some nice features. I personally like the Yahoo smileys. It’s so much easier to blog with, as compared to my where I have to type in the html code of the smileys location blah blah blah. Too much work! But at the same time I like incorporating the Yahoo smileys in my post.

His new blog is on WordPress which I find very fascinating and have wanted to convert over for the longest time but never had the time to do it because it’s going to take quite a lot of work on my part. (Whew, that was a really long sentence. Try reading it with one breath. I did, that took work! Heh ). I’ve linked his blog and the address is http://www.windycityblogger.com/

I’ve been busy editing chapters and re-reading them. I try to take the criticism as constructive as possible and try to think light of the situation and ALSO laugh at myself for the mistakes I make.

I had a ice blended cappucino during dinner so I will be up for a while. Might as well use this caffeine buzz on the thesis. Til then, have a great weekend all.

3 responses to “Happy Halloween”

  1. Zee bo Bee says:

    Hey hey nuffnanger!

    Happy Halloween to ya too! And, I’m not too sure, but the original context of Halloween had nothing to do with spirits I think. It’s actually called All-Hallow’s Even and it has something to do with Hallowing the Christian Gods or something like that.

    However, the date of All-Hallow’s Even fell on the same time a Pagan festival was held, where people wore masks to scare away the nasty spirits, ghosts and fairies that came out trooping on that day.

    And so we have, the modern version of it…Halloween.


  2. Shin says:

    Thanks for that piece of information but I was just making fun of the tradition of Halloween. Like I said, don’t take me seriously. 🙂

    Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ooi, can you imagine on the day of our Chinese hungry goast festival, somebody dress up like hantu walking around waterfront??? Hahaha!!

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