Roadtrip Mischief

November 26, 2008

When Rob and I were on the roadtrip we had some “interesting” conversations along the way. I laugh thinking about them and so decided to share the laughter and weirdness. Me being the smartass that I am decided to test Rob’s patience with me. Here are some examples. Enjoy~

S: Are we there yet?
R: No…
S: How about now?
R: No…
S: Now?
R: No….
S: NOW???
R: NO!
S: Why not? Is it THAT far?
R: Honey….you knew this is going to take 6 hours..
S: Ok…
S: How far are we?
R: Honey….we’ve only been driving AN HOUR!!!
S: Oh ok….


S: Ummm are we there yet?
R: No…
S: *sigh* Why not?
R: Cos it’s far away
S: How far?
R: Ask me in another 5 hours
S: But I wanna know now
R: Eat your gummi bears
S: I did, see? *shows empty container*
R: No kidding


S: How much farther?
R: We still have a third of the way to go
S: We’ve been driving a long time!
R: Yeah…
S: Why does it take so long?
R: Cos we keep stopping
S: Oh…then don’t stop so much
R: We stopped because you want to take pictures!
S: Oh…ok…then don’t stop for my pictures


Yes, that’s right. I’m that immature and weird. Yes, we are a couple of juvenile delinquents, but hey, we’re proud of it.

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